Sunglasses for the Pond

Many ponds are situated in the blazing sun and are hardly shaded by trees or buildings. This leads on one hand to high water temperatures and on the other hand algae problems can occur by interacting with water dissolved nutrients.

A glance into natural waters shows that, for example, in moors no algae growth is to be found! This has two primary causes: Moors often contain acidic water (low pH level), few nutrients and the water has a brownish colour. We can utilise this second feature in the pond. We don’t even need to colour the water brownish but have only to use JBL AlgoPond Sorb to give it a brownish tinge.

The colour of weak tea has the excellent effect in preventing algae, since it works like sunglasses to filter out some of the spectral components from the sunlight. So that the algae are no longer able to photosynthesise properly! And don’t be afraid. When using JBL AlgoPond Sorb your water will stay crystal-clear and only a very slight teacoloured tinge will be visible.

© 13.06.2017
Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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