Cura delle piante

Come le piante da interno o per acquari, anche quelle da laghetto hanno bisogno di nutrienti ed elementi traccia per poter crescere sane e robuste. Con l'aiuto di sfere fertilizzanti ( JBL FloraPond ), which you press into the root area of the pond plants (best directly after the purchase), you provide all kinds of root forming marsh and aquatic plants with a long-lasting supply of nutrients, minerals and trace elements.

Suggerimenti professionali

If possible, remove all dying leaves! Dead organic matter, such as plant leaves, release the nutrients which were absorbed during its lifetime, and thus promote algae growth! Regular pruning of the marsh plants in autumn before the garden pond’s dormancy is also a nutrient reducing measure. But leave about 10 % of the marsh plant’s stem above the water surface. They serve as hibernation places for many insects.

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Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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