Food for turtles

Most pond turtles and other turtles are omnivorous, usually with a preference for anything “animal”. Fish and any kind of aquatic creature are among the favourite prey. Now and then, a dead fish is devoured. Turtles also like to eat some aquatic plants and other “greenery”.

In contrast to most other terrarium animals, pond turtles and other turtles also eat “dead food” and can therefore readily be fed with dry food. JBL sells the widest range of turtle food that is specially formulated to meet the specific needs of turtles in terms of nutrition and physiology and even takes account of the animals’ sizes. Dried fish and crustaceans, along with algae, are the main ingredients.

Eine Mischung aus getrockneten Bachflohkrebsen, anderen Krebstieren sowie Insekten mit dem Namen JBL Mangime per tartarughe , a mixture of freshwater shrimp, other crustaceans and insects, is the classic amongst the food products. JBL Agil , a food in the form of floating sticks, and JBL Tortil , food tablets which sink in water, add variety to the diet. JBL Energil was specially developed for large, fully-grown pond turtles. It contains whole dried fish and crustaceans that turtles are unable to swallow in one piece, which encourages their natural feeding habits. And finally, there are JBL Rugil e JBL ProBaby .

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Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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