Replacing A Diaphragm On A JBL ProSilent Air Pump

The diaphragm of an air pump / diaphragm pump constantly works with 50 vibrations per minute, corresponding to the mains frequency. Like a car tyre, making countless revolutions per kilometre, the diaphragm wears out over time. This can eventually result in a decline in performance. Depending on the length of operation, a replacement of the diaphragm is required every 6-12 months – then it’s time for a “tyre change”.

When changing it you always need to replace the complete kit and not just the individual diaphragm parts, to maintain the optimal performance of the appliance.

This video shows you how easy it is to replace the diaphragm at home. You just need to loosen 4 screws and you’ll be able to pull out and replace the diaphragm.

You can find all the relevant spare parts for your JBL ProSilent diaphragm pump here: ProSilent a50-a400/ProAir a50

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