JBL PondCheck
Test rapido per determinare i valori di pH e KH

Per questo articolo ci sono prodotti successivi:
  • Controllo facile e sicuro dei valori dell’acqua: determinazione del pH e del KH nell’acqua del laghetto
  • Di facile uso: riempire il misurino con acqua del laghetto, aggiungere 5 gocce di soluzione, agitare leggermente fino ad avere una colorazione uniforme. Lasciar riposare per 1 minuto e paragonare con la scala colorimetrica.
  • Uso: per la determinazione o il controllo regolare del pH e del KH nell’acqua del laghetto
  • JBL laboratorio online: controllo regolare per un sano laghetto da giardino. Per ogni analisi dell'acqua JBL offre test rapidi o test a viraggio
  • Contenuto: test rapido, test pH e KH Pond Check, con provette di misurazione, soluzione pH, soluzione KH, scala colorimetrica
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Informazioni sul prodotto

Un ambiente sano per il laghetto
I parametri corretti nel laghetto dipendono dalla popolazione ittica e dalle piante presenti. Anche se l’acqua appare limpida, può essere contaminata. Con parametri negativi possono insorgere malattie e formarsi alghe. Per avere un laghetto sano è importante un controllo regolare e un adeguamento dei parametri dell’acqua.

Perché testare?
Valore del pH
Mantenere possibilmente costante un corretto pH è una premessa importante per il benessere degli abitanti del laghetto e per una florida crescita delle piante acquatiche. Inoltre il pH influisce su molte sostanze sciolte nell'acqua per cui vanno evitate le sue oscillazioni.

Valore del KH
Dipendentemente dall'origine e dalla consistenza del suolo, l'acqua può contenere differenti quantità di indurenti. Dovuto all’effetto della CO2, una grande parte di questi minerali è rappresentata da carbonati idrogeni. Per definizione la proporzione dei sali di calcio e magnesio, presenti come carbonati, viene indicata come durezza carbonatica. In regola la durezza carbonatica è minore della durezza totale. In casi eccezionali la durezza carbonatica può superare la durezza totale.

Laboratorio online JBL
Controlli regolari per un'acqua sana del laghetto. Inserisci i tuoi valori dell’acqua nel Laboratorio online JBL e ricevi un’analisi dettagliata dell’acqua in pochi secondi.


JBL PondCheck

Codice EAN:
Contenuto per:
50 test
Volume imballaggio:
0.300 l
Peso lordo:
54.000 g
Peso netto:
30 g
Fattore peso:
Dimensioni confezione (L/A/P):
35/125/70 mm
Qual è la durata di JBL PondCheck pH?

JBL PondCheck pH ha una durata di 4 anni nel flacone originale sigillato.

Sul fondo della confezione sono stampate le seguenti informazioni:

CH/B: 2649 (ad es.) = numero di lotto
BBD: 02.15 (ad es.) = da consumarsi preferibilmente entro (mese/anno).

Tieni presente che la data di scadenza non vale per i reagenti aperti. L’esposizione all’ossigeno atmosferico riduce infatti la durata del prodotto.

Qual è la durata di JBL PondCheck KH?

JBL PondCheck KH ha una durata di 4 anni nel flacone originale sigillato.

Sul fondo della confezione sono stampate le seguenti informazioni:

CH/B: 2648 (ad es.) = numero di lotto
BBD: 02.15 (e.g.) = da consumarsi preferibilmente entro (mese/anno).

Tieni presente che la data di scadenza non vale per i reagenti aperti. L’esposizione all’ossigeno atmosferico riduce infatti la durata del prodotto.

Blog – Opinioni & Esperienze

Your pond’s health in summer

The care of your garden pond depends on the season. In spring you have other jobs than in autumn. But what needs doing in summer?

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Preparations for the autumn - algae prevention

If you take proper action now, by reducing the nutrient input and the existing nutrient sources, you can prevent algae problems in the coming year.

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I’ve had enough of this pond! Give up or save it?

Maybe you’ve felt like this: nothing works, the pond looks disastrous and you just don’t know what to do.

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Mein Teich verliert Wasser – Wo ist es?

Die Sonne knallt auf den Teich und Sie füllen täglich Wasser nach? An manchen Tagen fragt man sich, „ist das wirklich normal und nur die Verdunstung“?

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Pond guide: you ask, we answer!

Ask us your technical question and we’ll answer your question in the comments with our team of experts.

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Liquid sun protection for your pond prevents algae

Is your pond clear – with no algae in sight? Perhaps you were just lucky or you have completed an algae treatment successfully. In either case there’s one thing you don’t need: algae!

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Is a High KH Value Harmful for the Pond?

A JBL community member contacted us with following question: ”The KH in my pond is very high (e.g. 18 °dKH). The dilution through rainwater alone is not enough to solve this problem. Can this be harmful for koi and goldfish in the long run?"

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ProPond: What’s the best way to pamper my fish?

Cat and dog owners know this well. A treat here, a toy there and small gifts for the pets. But what’s the best and safest way to pamper your fish with a few extras?

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ProPond: What pond care do you really need and what really works?

A lot of pond owners neglect their regular maintenance and only react when problems occur and it’s often too late.

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The Water Change In Ponds Is Important!

Water changes have several additional benefits: potentially dangerous substances, such as nitrates and phosphates, are removed from my pond, minerals are added, and any colour cast in the water is reduced.

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Checking the Pond’s Water Stability in Autumn and Winter

The most annoying thing about autumn and winter is RAIN! Even if there are occasional spells of fine weather, those seasons are characterised by frequent rainfall. And our ponds lie exposed to it.

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Algae Control 1-2-3 algae free

A few algae in the pond do not pose a problem and even form a component of a healthy pond. But once the water turns green or „blanket weed“ algae become rampant, you then have a problem which needs fixing. Effective and longterm algae control consists of three steps.

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Water Test ”For Dummies“

While the title of the well-known book series may suggest the opposite, these books are actually full of excellent explanations for complicated facts. And that’s exactly what we also want to try and do, because the subject of water test/water chemistry puts a lot of people off.

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Seasonal Pond Care

Spring, summer, autumn and winter. For each season there is a different maintenance to follow and various aspects to consider.

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Carbonate Hardness and pH: Life Insurance for your Pond

It’s a hard life for a pond: It is exposed to all weather conditions, it gets unwanted rainwater and it has to digest leaves, flower pollen and any particulate matter that enters.

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Algae in the Pond – An Outline

It can affect every pond owner. But if you are careful you can avert problems before they occur. In the following article we would like to introduce you to the different types of algae you may meet in the garden pond:

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Koi at our Dealers

Today I would like to give you an idea of what happens to koi in our dealers’ basins. Since our koi have just arrived half starved from Japan it is first the duty of our dealers to put the new arrivals in quarantine. First of all their general health is checked.

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We made it: we were at the Shinokai

Here, for anyone who may have missed it or who wasn’t able to visit us there, is a short report of our successful trip to Japan.

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The sensitive KH value in the pond

I have talked about KH and pH with a lot of koi dealers, experts and professionals in the past few weeks.

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Testing water – here’s how

The water in your aquarium is outstandingly significant because it is a life-giving element for fish and plants.

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Keeping an eye on the most important water values

Professional water analysis sounds very expensive. But the professional water testing in your aquarium or pond at home also works on a high level and above all it is simple and inexpensive.

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Refilling water into the pond – but not like this!

The water level can drop by up to several centimetres a day. This means it has to be refilled once a week at the latest.

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Heavy rain – watch your water values

There has been plenty of heavy rainfall in Germany in the last few days. The ponds are full to the brim and the garden - and more - is under water.

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Sudden drop in acidity: danger lurks in your pond after heavy rainfalls

Kaum ein Thema ist aktuell präsenter als der starke Regen. Überschwemmungen sind in ganz Deutschland ein Thema. Auch für Ihren Teich bedeutet der Regen eine große Veränderung. Durch die Verdünnung mit Regenwasser sinkt die Karbonathärte des Teichwassers.

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Algae carpets on the water surface: act now!

We are constantly being asked by pond owners for advice about how to deal with the problem of algae carpets on the water surface.

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Algae in Sight: Pollen and Blossoms as Growth Engines

The flowers are blooming and the allergy sufferers know it only too well: the pollen count! We can see the powdery yellow coating on our cars and on the forest paths. The pollen count and small leaves are floating through the air and reaching our ponds in huge amounts.

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Phosphate: The cause of tomorrow’s algae is in your pond now.

Many pond owners don’t realise this. That’s why they don’t react to algae growth until it’s too late. This is not only annoying, it makes it harder to achieve clear water for your dream landscape.

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When the rain becomes an acid test

In the time period before Easter there can be rainfall of 40 to 60 litres per square metre. We would like to explain why this can become an acid test for your pond and possibly also a problem for your fish.

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These steps in autumn will make your garden pond fit for the winter.

Pond owners need to start preparing their ponds in autumn for the coming winter. Only by doing this can you be sure that your pond will continue to bring you pleasure next year and that your fish will be healthy.

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Heavy Rainfalls Are Stressful For Your Fish

As a pond owner in autumn you not only have to deal with getting the pond ready for winter, you also have to struggle with heavy and frequent rainfalls.

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To avoid algae next year – How to make your pond fit for the winter

It’s getting cold slowly and the pond season is coming to its end. The leaves of the water lilies are dying and the sunshine hours are getting shorter. But in the pond there is still a lot happening. We will show you how to make your pond fit for the winter.

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Flowers for the pond – planting to combat algae

It happens every year. The algae arrive. What can you do to prevent it? For a healthy basis the pond needs to be filled with sufficient plant mass. This applies to ALL ponds.

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Rain – A problem for fish and good for algae

In the garden pond the pH rises to over 10 if the carbonate hardness is insufficient or non-existent. In unbuffered ponds the pH level can even fluctuate up to 4 pH value levels within one day.

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An anti-algae agent alone is no solution

Everyone knows this scenario. Just last week the pond was alright, then suddenly the algae came overnight. Why does this happen? It’s really very simple. You only have to keep in mind 2 factors.

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How does the JBL PondCheck work?

Karbonathärte und pH-Wert sind wichtige Parameter für die Beurteilung der Stabilität des Teichwassers. Zielwert für den pH-Wert sind Werte zwischen etwa 7,5 und 8,5, wobei tageszeitliche Schwankungen zu berücksichtigen sind.

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I test dell’acqua funzionano anche a basse temperature?

Si, i test dell’acqua JBL lavorano accuratamente a qualsiasi temperatura. Le oscillazioni dovute alla temperatura sono talmente minime che rimangono all’interno delle normali tolleranze, per cui non sono rilevanti.

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Erst prüfen, dann agieren

Im Herbst kann es länger anhaltende Schönwetterperioden geben, aber ebenso auch Phasen mit viel Niederschlag. Da Gartenteiche in aller Regel keinen Grundwasseranschluß haben, verdünnt das Regenwasser das Teichwasser weiter, was sich in sinkenden Werten

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Wasserparameter im Gartenteich im Jahresverlauf

Die periodischen Veränderungen sind in der Grafik für einen nicht mit Fischen besetzten Teich dargestellt.

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Wie funktioniert der JBL PondCheck?

Warum pH-Wert und Karbonathärte im Teichwasser kontrollieren?

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Laboratori e calcolatori

Laboratorio per laghetti / calcolatore laghetti

Questo laboratorio per laghetti, unico al mondo, ti dà un mirato supporto nella lotta contro i problemi di alghe e di intorbidimento.
Lettura consigliata

Malattie dei pesci

Semmai i tuoi pesci nel laghetto dovessero ammalarsi, ti aiutiamo qui a riconoscere la malattia e ti suggeriamo gli interventi mirati per combatterla efficacemente.

Cura del laghetto

Le diverse stagioni (almeno per quanto riguardo l’Europa centrale) richiedono diverse misure di cura. Anche in Paesi senza inverni freddi con temperature sotto zero, fattori come periodi di pioggia o di siccità oppure estati con temperature particolarmente alte giocano un ruolo decisivo nella gestione del laghetto da giardino.

Problemi con le alghe

Perché le alghe creano un problema? Quali specie di alghe si trovano in un laghetto e come si possono combattere efficacemente e a lungo termine?


Un’immagine vale più di mille parole! Questo vale anche per il tema “Laghetto da giardino”. Ti mostriamo in piccoli filmati come risolvere i problemi e applicare i prodotti.

Manutenzione stagionale

Quali sono le manutenzioni stagionali necessarie? A che cosa devi prestare attenzione nelle singole stagioni?

Test dell'acqua – tutti i parametri

Non devi sempre eseguire tutti i test, come un medico non ti guarderà necessariamente nelle orecchie se ti fanno male le ginocchia. Nella seguente tabella trovi in forma breve le informazioni su quale test dell'acqua ti può essere d'aiuto a seconda della situazione.

acqua piovana

L'acqua piovana rende l'acqua del tuo laghetto sempre più morbida. Che conseguenze ha per il tuo laghetto?


Acqua verde o alghe filamentose? Qui ti mostreremo come risolvere stabilmente i problemi con le alghe

Istruzioni per l'uso

Norme di sicurezza

Informazioni sulla sicurezza
- Informazioni sulla sicurezza secondo il GHS
Consiglio di prudenza
P210: Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking.
P303+P361+P353: IF ON SKIN (or hair): Take off immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin with water/shower.
P305+P351+P338: IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.
P310a: Immediately call a POISON CENTER/doctor.
P405: Store locked up.
P501a: Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local/regional/national/international regulations.

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