Valentine’s Day and Winter Romance

The winter is a very special season full of warmth and time to dedicate yourself to your hobby. What could be better than a gift to seal your letter of love? What could be better than giving your loved one something that goes with their hobby? A budget of €300 in the form of a voucher is perfectly timed and can really make dreams come true.

Ecco come funziona

Just enter by March 19, 2017 and with a bit of luck you can win a goods voucher to the value of €300 for JBL products. You may choose from the complete JBL product range and redeem the prize at once. The winner will be drawn from the pool of participants.

Purtroppo il gioco a premi è terminato. Tra poco troverai qui un nuovo gioco. Passa ogni tanto e guarda.

I vincitori

Manfred Engelbert


Bacteria starter – starting an aquarium without a run-in phase – Part 1

Bacterial preparations for aquariums have been on the market for more than 20 years. That’s a very long time. From the start they were used to establish healthy bacterial flora or as an emergency measure to quickly add fish to a freshly set up aquarium.

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Koi Transport Part 1: From the catch to the farm

Sometimes we wonder where the gems in our ponds come from. Our koi have already seen a lot of life before they end up swimming at our dealers.

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The new JBL Community Calendar 2017 has arrived

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ProScan 3.0 – Always with you, everywhere you go

Imagine you go to your specialist dealer for advice. And then you realise you forgot to determine the current water values.

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Back from Japan: Our schedule for the Expedition 2019 - Part 1/2

For 13 days I had the chance to plan our expedition for 2019 during a Japan trip and to check the conditions on site.

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