Day 15: Our last full day on Galapagos.

Today we went to Gordon Rocks, the dive site with the best chances of seeing hammerhead sharks, for our final two dives. We were greeted by seals underwater who inspected us inquisitively and then started hunting fish.

Noone seemed to really want to take note of the turtles and whitetip sharks swimming around. Everyone was staring into the deep blue, seeking to spot hammerhead sharks. And then, at last: The first hammerhead shark appeared, and then a second one. The animals, almost 3 meters long, swam past us casually. The sight of these large predators was truly impressive.

The current we found here was no less impressive. It would suddenly appear the edges of cliffs and tear you away. It was almost impossible to keep holding on to the rock with one hand (the other hand was holding the camera), so all you could do was let the current carry you away. But then, just as suddenly as the current had appeared, it suddenly disappeared again. We also got to see eagle rays and swarms of fish.

At the end, another seal came over to us, eyeballed us and then started hunting in the swarms of fish. It was only the maximum diving time of 60 mins. that was able to stop us from watching this comical, ultra-fast little guy.

That was it. Tomorrow, we will be returning home, and an adventure-filled expedition will be over. But, there will be other expeditions. Perhaps to the South Seas, Tahiti, Bora Bora and Hawaii?

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