A new medication against bacterial infections and ...

JBL Ektol bac: Ein neues Medikament gegen bakterielle Infektionen und Flossenfäule bei Aquarienfischen im Süßwasser

With JBL Ektol bac Plus 250 , the JBL Research Team has developed a new drug against bacterial diseases in aquarium fish in fresh water. This is a two-component system (K1 Bottle and K2 Bottle). Component 1 is based on the proven JBL Punktol Plus 125 , but the active agent concentrations have been adjusted to the dosage in the new drug. Component 2 contains a new agent: Iodine in a stable aqueous formulation. Iodine has been known in medicine for a long time and its effectiveness against bacteria (bactericidal), fungi (fungicidal) and viruses (virucidal) has been proven for a long time as well. JBL Ektol bac Plus 250 acts against bacterial infections and fin rot in freshwater fish.

JBL Ekto bac

Drug for aquarium fish in fresh water to treat fin rot and other external bacterial infections.

JBL Ektol bac (K1) 100 ml contain: Benzalkonium chloride 700 mg; methylene blue 480 mg; JBL Ektol bac (K2) 100 ml contain: Polyvinylpyrrolidone iodine 8000 mg.

Caution: Invertebrates in fresh water (shrimp, crabs, etc.) may exhibit intolerances. As a matter of precaution, they should be excluded from the treatment. Fish without scales (loaches and catfish) and weakened fish may be sensitive to the medication. Start with half a dose and increase cautiously.

Per rischi o effetti collaterali leggere attentamente il foglio illustrativo e informarisi dal veterinario o dal farmacista di fiducia.

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