Green sludge or a slough of bacteria

Word has gone round that UV-C water clarifiers are guaranteed to kill off floating algae, thereby eliminating the green colouration of water in both ponds and aquariums. It is also known that UV-C radiation reduces the bacterial densities which are measured in colony-forming units per ml of water (CFU/ml. Therefore, UV-C radiation is also effective against bacterial cloudiness, thereby relieving the fishes’ immune system. As a result, UV-C water clarifiers can make a decisive contribution to keeping the aquarium inhabitants healthy.

What is less known is that indirect UV-C water clarifiers also reduce the spread of blanket weed, because the radiation also inactivates the spores i.e. the stages of dissemination. The radiation dose is measured in Ws/m², with the calculation based on the radiation output of the UV-C burner * Dwell time in the cylinder / outer surface of the appliance.

External factors must also be taken into account in the over-all assessment of the effectiveness, such as the division rate of the microorganisms or, in more simple terms, their reproduction quota. The extent to which the water is polluted with nutrients must also be taken into consideration as a basis for the reproduction of the microorganisms. The following can be stated in simplified form: The higher the radiation dose, the better the sterilisation rate.

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