The sea, the islands and the diversity of species

Upon arriving on the dive boats, we checked our gear first and then set off. We went towards the offshore islands from where we had gone snorkelling and scuba diving. Even though we had already been in this region two days ago, the three other dive spots revealed new beauty and the diversity of the sea. Of course, the program also included diverse tests such as light measurements and underwater feeding tests.

While diving, we also encountered some very large animals in addition to the diverse puffer fish we saw. Cuttlefish, moray eels, Faunus ater snails, diverse damselfish, many wrasses, anemone fish and many, many other animals.

A day in the sun, in the water and constantly searching for new species may be hard work, but more than anything, it is OH SO MUCH FUN! A few of the divers are going to go on a night dive right after this. The rest of the group will be having dinner at a Vietnamese celebration on the beach with a lot of locals.

Now we are sorting photos, organising the documentation and waiting for the other participants to arrive. That means we will have time to search the surrounding outdoors with torches/flashlights in the evening. We were already able to find several frogs, snakes, spiders and insects that way yesterday. We still need to identify the species we have found more closely. There will be reports and photos when we return to Germany.

You can’t image how exciting it is to be a small discoverer experiencing your hobby in the natural outdoors.

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