The JBL Koi Food Range – optimal nutrition throughout the entire season

The quality of a food can be assessed by evaluating the metabolisable energy in feeding experiments. In animal foods, this refers to the metabolisable energy (ME) which the food makes available to the animal for maintenance metabolism and energy metabolism.

Numerous scientific findings from animal husbandry and breeding are available on the share of energy from crude protein, crude fat, crude fibre and other food components which is available to koi carps. According to these investigations, foods with a metabolisable energy of approx. 0.4 MJ per % of crude protein and a digestible energy : protein ratio (DE/P) between 400 and 500 are considered optimal as food for carp.

These findings were taken into account when the JBL koi food range was developed and have been implemented in an ideal manner.

Expert Training on the Koi Food Range:

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