JBL MedoPond Plus puts an end to white spot disease, also known as Ich

White spot (Ichthyophthirius) and fungal infections (Achlya/Saprolegnia) are the most common diseases in garden ponds. The new JBL MedoPond Plus is effective against white spot disease and fungal infestations and also reliably combats other ectoparasites such as Costia, Trichodina and Chilodonella.

Some ectoparasites have a life cycle which requires multiple treatments with a remedy, depending on the water temperature. That is the only way to reach the stage of the parasite which can be eliminated by JBL MedoPond Plus (e.g. the swarmer stage of the Ich parasite).

JBL MedoPond Plus contains no copper. Make sure to turn UV-C water clarifiers and ozone and copper dosing systems off during treatment, as they will either destroy the active ingredients or influence their effectiveness.

The new JBL MedoPond Plus contains two active ingredients which treat the secondary bacterial infections frequently occurring after the primary infection in addition to the direct disease treatment. As an added plus, the active ingredients are contained in a special, stabilised formulation in the product which significantly increases the product’s efficacy and long-term stability.

The concentration of the new JBL MedoPond Plus was increased to 10,000 l of pond water per 500 ml, which makes treatment much simpler.

Per rischi o effetti collaterali leggere attentamente il foglio illustrativo e informarisi dal veterinario o dal farmacista di fiducia.

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