JBL has discovered an extinct species for you

Some years ago high-quality ceramic air stones disappeared without trace from the market. JBL has now re-discovered and even improved these ceramic air stones: The new >Micro-Pore Ceramic< quality generates even finer bubbles and keeps the bubble size constant over very long time.

Fresh water aquatic enthusiasts will be delighted to be able to get quality ceramic air stones again - and salt water aquarists will be even more delighted! JBL offers the ProSilent Ceramics in three sizes:

  • JBL ProSilent Ceramic S: 95 mm in length
  • JBL ProSilent Ceramic M: 145 mm in length
  • JBL ProSilent Ceramic L: 195 mm in length

All JBL ceramic air stones contain a suction cup mount.

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