JBL Pro Flow Pumps – more than just moving water

To pump water, whether in the bio filter, in the indoor fountains or with a flow pump, you not only need a reliable pump but also connection options and pre-filtering. The new JBL pump range ProFlow provides five different water pumps for every purpose in fresh and saltwater. For the JBL ProFlow t300 e JBL ProFlow t500 a range of extremely small, high-performance pumps is available, suitable for installation in limited space (57 x 35 x 55 mm). They have a strainer as pre-filter.

The JBL ProFlow u800 e JBL ProFlow u1100 provide higher flow rates (900 and 1200 l/h) and contain a connection option on the intake side for hoses or pipes, which can be replaced with the pre-filter strainer. For a particularly high reliability of all the u-models the impeller shafts are supported at both ends. Top-of-the-range model is the new JBL ProFlow u2000 with adjustable 2000 l/h and a maximum pumping head of 2 m. The u2000 can also be operated outside the water using piping or hosing. JBL grants a 4-year warranty on all pumps.

model Watt l/h Prevalenza Ø intake side Ø discharge side
t 300 4 300 0.50 m - 12/16
t 500 5 500 0.80 m - 12/16
u 800 7 900 0.95 m 19/25 mm 16/22
u 1100 12 1200 1.30 m 19/25 mm 16/22
u 2000 35 2000 2.00 m 27/35 mm 19/25

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