JBL’s new distinctions on how to treat pond water

One single product never can do everything perfectly. The key question is: Should harmful substances be removed from the source water? Or should the carbonate hardness be increased in the soft water of the pond to stabilize the pH value and to make the algaecide effective in the first place?

As of now JBL is offering the new JBL BiotoPond in container sizes for 5,000 till 100,000 litres for the removal of harmful substances. The colloids and vitamins ensure that JBL BiotoPond also protects the gills, skin and fins of the pond fish. The ingedient aloe vera is well known for its extraordinary protective effect.

For the pH stabilizing water treatment and as a preparatory algae control JBL has now extended the product range with StabiloPond KH. This now serves as step 1 in the “JBL 1-2-3- algae-free” concept.

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