JBL AccliPond® – the water police in a bottle

In springtime and when new pond fish are added – these are often the times when the immune system is at its weakest. Extreme temperature fluctuations and a metabolism which still is in an energy-saving mode increase the susceptibility to infections. The widespread spring viraemia is also triggered in these conditions.

With its valuable plant extracts and vitamins JBL AccliPond® increases the defence against diseases and promotes the vitality of the pond fish. Furthermore JBL AccliPond® enables a stress-free transport of fish and supports the introduction of fish into the pond. The ingredient iodine ensures a normal metabolism. Folic acid is particularly important: It is a water-soluble vitamin B and stimulates the normal function of the immune system.

The direct ranges of applications for JBL AccliPond® are:

  • For the increased readiness to spawn
  • For a promotion of the health of fish throughout the year
  • After the use of remedies
  • For the acclimatization of new fish into the pond and the fish transport

Pet store specialists can order a dosing dispenser for the JBL AccliPond® bottle so that they can dose the fish transport bag with JBL AccliPond® after each sale.

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