Less can be an advantage

Not every terrarium for animals, who need UV radiation, is over 60 cm high and can be equipped with 100 or 160 W UV spot lights. Quite a few terrarium enthusiasts own terrariums where the animals are situated at a distance between 30 - 60 cm to the light source. And the new JBL UV-Spot plus 80 Watt has been designed exactly for such cases. Its visible light spectrum covers all the ranges of the full spectrum and the high UV output provides the terrarium animals with the right amount of UVA and UVB (120 µW/cm2 in a distance of 25 cm) wavelengths.

The JBL UV-Spot Plus is self-igniting. This means it doesn’t need a special ballast and fits all E27 fittings. An integrated thermal thermostat automatically switches off the spotlight. As these UV spots are subjected to an extremely rigorous quality test to eliminate any defects, the lamps come with a JBL functional guarantee of 6 months.

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