Jelly-like animals are more popular than ever

Hardly any other decorative article is as popular as the JBL jellyfish! That’s why JBL is extending the range with more jellyfish and a fish. The animals can be attached to the glass with a suction cup and move with the water current.

The new jellyfish set JBL MotionDeco Medusa XL BLUE S+M contains 2 jellyfish figures in 4 x 10 cm and 6 x 11 cm. One jellyfish has a whitish, the other one a pinkish colour. The second new set contains a large jellyfish figure in yellow colour in the size of 10 x 21 cm. The new lionfish JBL MotionDeco Lionfish lionfisch is also very lifelike with a body length of 13 cm and has, just like the jellyfish, a phosphorescent glow in the dark effect.

Naturally all animals are made of non-toxic and water neutral silicone.

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