L'albergo a 4 stelle, formula tutto incluso, per future madri, con day nursery

Le sale parto per pesci ci sono da molto tempo, ma questa nuova cassetta JBL per la deposizione delle uova batte tutti i record:

  • Non-stop fresh air in the room! An air pump(included together with hose, check valve and air stone) supplies permanently fresh and oxygen-rich water into the spawning box.
  • Suicide is impossible: The compartments have their own cover panels in order to prevent the residents from jumping out.
  • Requests for single rooms can be considered: Due to variable mounting parts 2 single compartments, 1 very large breeding tank, 2 medium sized breeding tanks, 1 single compartment plus large breeding compartment or also a large spawning compartment are possible.
  • Room with lift: To keep the fish covered at all times, even with fluctuating water levels (e.g. during a water change), the complete spawning box has a levelling adjustment to adapt it to the changing water level.

The next best thing to the Buri Al Arab in Dubai! Except that a night in the suite there costs € 1000.

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