Only for the ambitious: The JBL Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2014

The Eastern European JBL Biotope Aquarium Design Contest has been in existence since 2011 and is now entering its fourth year. Aquascapers and biotope aquarists, committed to biotope aquatics (reproduction of a habitat), are invited to compete in this challenging contest.

Last year’s entries show that this competition has practically become a world championship, even if it is advertised as being for Eastern Europe. World class entries, which were correspondingly very well received internationally, reached us in particular from Turkey. To qualify for the first round all participants need to send in a photo of their biotope aquariums (01.07.–31.08.14).

The finalists will then compete live against one another at the Zoosphere exhibition in St. Petersburg on 28.11.14 and will demonstrate how to set up a biotope aquarium in front of the audience and the jury.

To ensure equal opportunities the biotope category can be chosen (North America, South America, Eurasia, Africa, Australia/Oceania). The special attraction and the extreme challenge of biotope aquariums lies in choosing the elements of setting and the animal stock appropriate to the habitat to be reproduced. And then these elements have to be scaped, which means that they have to be attractively designed! The days when a few leaves spread on the bottom and a lot of roots sticking out of the water to reproduce the Rio Negro, have long gone! Biotope scaping is the aquascaping for the ambitious.

Do you have the hard to enter the contest? All information can be found under:

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