Germany’s Aquarists Have Ranked JBL As Their No. 1

During the Aqua EXPO Tage in Dortmund, JBL received the award “Aquaristik Brand Star 2014” from the expert jury of DPS Verlag & Messen. With the award Michael J. Schönefeld clearly wanted to demonstrate how important the promotion of the aquatic hobby and its innovative products are. “It is surely up to the large brand manufacturers to look to the new aquaristic enthusiasts for their future expansion.”, said the exhibition organiser. JBL received the trophy for its many high-quality product innovations, which have considerably promoted the aquatic hobby in 2014. This is why JBL was voted Brand No. 1 by over 10,000 aquarists in a Facebook survey and by an expert jury, in front of all other manufacturers like SERA, DENNERLE, EHEIM, DOHSE AQUARISTIK and TETRA.

The JBL team is very excited about the award, which was conferred the first time in 2014. General Manager Roland Böhme said: “It is really wonderful that the many efforts, the personal commitment of our employees and our financial investments are so greatly appreciated by the aquarists. This award is a further motivation for all of us to continue implementing ideas for aquatics that work, and to make it available to every aquarist at affordable prices. Many thanks to everyone who voted for us!”

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