Let’s click together: the new JBL installation kits for metal-halide lamps.

Terrarium enthusiasts are sick of permanently drilling giant holes into their terrarium canopies to install lighting. With three new installation kits JBL offers a very convenient solution where the cables are equipped with a quick release which only needs a small (20 mm) hole. Slightly inclined lamps can now also be accommodated, thanks to a built-in joint. You can now have any lamp angle up to 180°.

But the most important technical characteristic is the guaranteed safety, thanks to the high temperature material of the socket (space shuttle material for up to 270 °C) and the dedicated ballasts have a security technology. It switches off automatically e.g. with a defective lamp after several ignition attempts, and prevents risks posed by the 5000 V ignition voltages. This live 5000 V cable between ballast and lamp socket has been specially approved for high voltage. The new JBL TempSets are available for metal-halide lamps with 35, 50 and 75 W.

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