The new JBL terrarium sun is made of aluminium

When the glass material of a lamp body is replaced by aluminium, its energy yield and durability increases significantly. This is due to its better heat dissipation (making it 100 °C cooler!). The lower temperature also increases the UV radiation, since less dust is burnt into the front. JBL has introduced a new generation of the popular metal-halide lamps JBL Reptil L-U-W.

The Die JBL L-U-W spotlights are extremely popular with terrarium enthusiasts, because they offer a complete solution. They provide light, UV and heat/warmth (L-U-W) and are best when used to replace two technical devices. The new generation of JBL L-U-W spotlights are available in three wattages (35, 50 and 75 W), as well as in two versions with same colour temperature, but different UV intensity. The JBL ReptilJungle L-U-W provides UVB radiation of 40-150 µW/cm2 with an emission angle of 40° at a distance to the animal of 60-30 cm, whereas the JBL ReptilDesert L-U-W version emits a higher UVB quantity of 50-200 µW/cm2 with an emission angle of 25°.

Very important for many terrarium enthusiasts is also the energy efficiency class, and we are happy to announce that both versions are class A.

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