A terrarium for sun-loving tortoises

It can principally be set up similarly to a desert terrarium. However, the floor covering should NOT consist of sand. Tortoises need a large surface to move around.

The floor surface should be covered with an approx. 2 cm thick layer of JBL TerraBark . A cover can be produced with a large bent piece of cork. Stones and stone plates can be placed in the terrarium, but they must be without sharp edges.

A heat lamp and a heat rock offer the required heat and are quickly recognised as a favourite spot.

A drinking bowl ( JBL ReptilBar GREY , JBL ReptilBar RED , JBL ReptilBar SAND ) and a food bowl for vegetarian food should be provided in a sufficiently large size. Please refer to the relevant literature and/or consult a spe- cialist retailer for further details.

Weitere Informationen über Schildkröten finden Sie unter: Terrarium

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