Feeder Animals in Terrariums: Vitamins and Minerals

When food animals are purchased, they should always be coated with powder consisting of the right vitamin-mineral mixture for the age of the pet before they are fed. A vitamin-mineral mixture such as JBL CrickBox powder can be placed in a suitable container e.g. the JBL TerraVit poeder powder and the desired amount of food animals added. Next, shake the whole mixture hard until the food animals are fully “coated” with the mixture. Then, they can be fed to the terrarium animals. Young animals in the growth phase need more vitamins such as JBL TerraVit poeder powder than adult animals, which can be fed food animals that are only coated with calcium e.g. JBL MicroCalcium every so often. In addition, a few drops of a fluid vitamin solution e.g. JBL TerraVit fluid can be mixed into the drinking water to prevent deficiency symptoms. If certain animals such as snakes are only fed thawed food animals, it is recommended to supplement the vitamin content of the food by squeezing some vitamin drops such as JBL TerraVit fluid into the thawed food animals shortly before they are fed, as vitamins are gradually destroyed when food is kept frozen for a long period of time. JBL Schildpadzon Terra is specially formulated for tortoises. It is mixed into the animals’ drinking water or bath water (young tortoises should by all means be bathed once a week in the first weeks). Vitamins such as JBL Schildpadzon Aqua can be administered with the food. This can be done by dripping a few drops on the food sticks, making sure to observe the dosage instructions, and then waiting until they have been absorbed. When giving any vitamins, it is always important to follow the dosage instructions, as an overdose (hypervitaminosis) causes organ damage.

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Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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