What is Artemia?

Artemia are primeval aquatic crustaceans which can be found in saline lakes. This species Artemia salina is also known as “brine shrimp”. Many children and adults first came into contact with them through magazines and experiment kits, where they were included.

This is a small species of crustaceans which has developed its own life cycle. As long as saltwater is available, the crustaceans grow, reproduce and produce eggs. When the water dries up, the eggs survive the dry period and the nauplii don’t hatch until the water returns. You can keep these large eggs (about 0.2 mm) in a dry place for over one year.

The artemia have made use of this strategy on earth for over 100 million years to survive many environmental impacts and catastrophes. This is the reason you can still find these crustaceans nowadays in saline inland waters on several continents around the globe.

Why do you need Artemia?

In aquatics Artemia nauplii are often used for the rearing of fry. Adult Artemia are fed as treats to larger fish. Although the current dry foods are well balanced and varied, the complementary feeding with Artemia is very popular, especially with breeders.

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