Shinkokai Koi Show in Japan Part 3

The Shinkokai Koi Show is now over. We had some very interesting discussions onsite with breeders and experts from the koi scene. We also met quite a few German people and could exchange our ideas with them too. It was worth flying to Japan for this. Our decision to have a booth here for JBL and ProPond paid off as it proved to be a good contact point for further activities with this range.

Didier and I are continuing our trip through Japan. We still have a few visits to make to breeders and we need to sort out some important issues for our upcoming expedition ( Expeditie Japan ).

Once again this year the Japanese gave us permission to take underwater pictures. Normally nobody is allowed to enter these holy waters, but they are really looking forward to seeing our pictures and they trusted us. We all had lots of fun with this, including the Japanese.

On this occasion we learned that Kaneko’s Tosai currently were fed with JBL PROPOND GROWTH S , since the water temperature was above 15 °C. The large koi will hibernate at 12 °C.

There are now obstacles in the way of our onward journey. The airport is closed because of snow and snow blowers are in use everywhere. The trip to the mountains is only possible in a four-wheel drive vehicle, if at all, but I’m sure we’ll think of something.

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Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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