#HannoverScape2016: Visit us and learn something new

Would you like to visit us? From 5 to 7 Feb, 2016 the Heimtiermesse Hannover will be welcoming animal lovers, and especially aquarium enthusiasts, to the aquarium designing competition #HannoverScape2016.

Don't miss the opportunity to meet 12 dedicated scaping professionals at their aquariums at work and learn more about their methods and tricks. Along with our good partners Tropica Aquarium Plants , Fluval en de Dähne Verlag we are pleased to present this aquarium show. In addition Benjamin Hamann (Das Biotop) a shrimp aquarium will be created as a biotope, its setting up will be vividly explained in a lecture and it will be put on display as part of the shrimp championship. After the pet show the fully equipped shrimp aquarium will be handed over to a local school as an inspiration for the kids as they embark on this wonderful hobby. Our partners will stay in contact to help and support the kids. And of course we will keep you informed as well in our blog.

But the show has even more to offer. Big names in the world of scaping will be there to network with each other and with you – it’s free, it’s face to face and it’s fun. Don’t miss your chance to be there.

To whet your appetite for the #HannoverScape2016 beforehand, have a look at the numerous posts with photos and videos on Facebook under the hashtag #HannoverScape2016. The jury will judge the entries on Saturday, 6 February and award the prizes during the award ceremony on the big stage at 4 pm.

Here is a small preview of the design and setting up of the aquariums, as told by the participants themselves. Have a look at it and come and see us in Hannover. Meet our companies’ representatives and the contestants face-to-face. Make the most of your chance to ask questions and swap ideas – get to know us in person.

If you would like to know more about the competition, take a look at our previous blog post Hannover-Scape 2016 – Register now and join in! aan

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Matthias Wiesensee
Matthias Wiesensee
M.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik

Social Media, Online Marketing, Homepage, Kundenservice, Problemlöser, Fotografie, Blogger, Tauchen, Inlineskating, Aquaristik, Gartenteich, Reisen, Technik, Elektronische Musik

Over mij: Seit Teenagerzeiten mit Aquarien in Kontakt. Klassische Fischaquarien, reine Pflanzenaquarien bis hin zum Aquascape. Aber auch ein Gartenteich und Riffaquarien begleiten mich privat im Hobby. Als Wirtschaftsinformatiker, M.Sc. bin ich als Online Marketing Manager bei JBL für die Bereiche Social Media, Webentwicklung und der Kommunikation mit dem Anwender der JBL Produkte zuständig und kenne die JBL Produkte im Detail.


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