U wilt graag van de wetenswaardigheden rondom uw hobby op de hoogte zijn of een kijkje nemen achter de schermen bij JBL? Ons deskundigenteam zal u regelmatig voorzien van informatie, tips en overige wetenswaardigheden die u op geen enkele verpakking of product vindt. Grijp de mogelijkheid aan en discussieer controversiële onderwerpen of stel brandende vragen. Beleef het deskundigenteam van dichterbij dan ooit tevoren.

Fertilise your pond plants for healthy growth


Pond plants, such as water lilies, need fertiliser too! With our fertiliser balls it's easy and long lasting!

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This will make your pond water crystal clear again in no time at all


Cloudy water and no visibility? Here's how you can get rid of the cloudiness naturally.

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JBL TV #27: Testing aquarium water - this is how it works


Water tests for aquariums: Aquarium water can be clear and still toxic to aquarium inhabitants!

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Checklist: water values in the pond - how to keep it crystal clear and algae-free


Nowadays there aren’t many topics everyone can agree on, but when it comes to garden ponds, whether koi, fish or biotope ponds, everyone wants healthy fish, clear water and, above all, no algae! But how do you reach these three targets?

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#jbldeal – Now you can benefit!


As a member of the myJBL community you have exclusive access to special promotions. We have attractive benefits and offers for you. Don’t miss out!

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Garden pond guide - Compact knowledge with answers to your questions


We are giving you the chance to ask specialist questions about your hobby. Perhaps you are unsure because you have found contradictory statements online and need "clarification". We are happy to help!

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How much algae nutrient phosphate does your pond water contain?


Use this quick test for algae problems in the pond to check how much phosphate your pond water contains.

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Special help to combat floating algae (green pond water)


Floating algae in the pond lead to green, murky water. How can these be removed without harming fish and microorganisms?

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Pond care in summer - checklist and tips for algae-free fun


Looking out of the window this year, the popular summer season is presenting itself from another side. In this post, we would like to focus on the current situation, paying particular attention to the spring and autumn influences, which also play their part.

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JBL TV #25: Goldfish in the aquarium - tips & tricks for their care


The goldfish aquarium is particularly popular in southern European countries, whereas in Germany goldfish tend to be kept in garden ponds.

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Algae nutrient no. 1: phosphate - dedicated filter material for phosphate removal


Phosphates (PO4) are the main algae nutrients in ponds. This filter material binds phosphates and thus deprives the algae of their nutritional basis.

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Solves algae problems in the pond - JBL AlgoPond Forte combats all types of algae in the garden pond


With this anti-algae agent you can quickly and effectively combat all types of algae in your garden pond.

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Turn your tap and well water into pollutant-free pond water


Tap and well water can contain chlorine and heavy metals. This is dangerous for your fish!

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Cleansing bacteria for clear and healthy pond water - JBL BactoPond


These billions of cleansing bacteria will help you to detoxify, clarify and keep the pond water clean.

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Feeding koi automatically - An automatic feeder at the garden pond


If you have a job, other commitments and other hobbies, you will not be able to cover the feeding intervals yourself seven days a week. An automatic feeder, such as the JBL PROPOND AUTOFOOD, can reliably help with this, even when you are not on holiday. You will also experience behaviour in your fish that you have never seen before.

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The JBL Interns - Our first day on the premises!


Hi folks, Tim here. As announced in the last blog post, my second week coincided with the first time in ages we were able to work in-office again. But it meant a really early start for me.

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Natural prevention against algae in the pond


Give your pond a pair of "biological sunglasses" to combat algae! By adding JBL AlgoPond Sorb, the spectral ranges that cause algae to grow are filtered out of the light. Works purely biologically without any side effects for animals and plants! Would you like to know more about the biological algae blocker with the sunglasses effect? Simply go to the...

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All-season food sticks for your pond fish - JBL PROPOND ALL SEASONS


High-quality yet inexpensive food sticks for your pond fish - the ideal pond food the whole year round with a protein/fat ratio of 3:1 for healthy fish.

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Lime precipitation in the pond - Where does the cloudiness come from?


When there is cloudiness in the garden pond, our first reaction is that it’s algae or swirled up excess mud at the bottom. And more often than not this assumption is correct and the cloudiness is caused by excess phosphates and insufficient maintenance.

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JBL TV #22: Correctly adding, transporting and relocating fish without losses


What should you NEVER do and why not? We explain and show you the best, problem-avoiding way to introduce and acclimatise ornamental fish in your aquarium.

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