Master School (Meisterschule) of Aquarium Design 2017 in Hannover

10 renowned masters of aquarium design (aquascapers) will meet in Hannover in the course of the pet trade fair Supreme Heimtiermesse (Febr. 02 -05, 2017) and, with 10 selected apprentices by their side, will create the best aquarium landscape in the “Aquarium Design Meisterschule 2017“. Under the same conditions and using identical materials the only difference between victory and defeat will be the creativity of these masters and their apprentices. This competition will be enacted live at the trade fair for all visitors to follow. You will have the opportunity to ask questions or to get tips and gain real expert knowledge from the 10 masters taking part in the free workshops which will take place at the same time as the competition.

Take this chance to visit our academy. The expert jury (Anne Braun, Roland Zobel, Anry Mahlow und Matthias Wiesensee) will guide you through the whole competition and are looking forward to seeing you. They will also be happy to answer your aquaristic and terraristic questions. This is also a good opportunity to get to know the companies. The Aquarium Design Meisterschule 2017 in Hanover is sponsored by TROPICA, FLUVAL and JBL.

Would you like to apply to be an apprentice? A list of the 10 masters of aquarium design will soon be listed on the trade fair’s website. Each master will select their own apprentice on Facebook – you can select your teacher.

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