Not even weekend trips and holiday journeys are a problem for your fish!

JBL has an automatic feeder which reliably takes over the feeding of your fish and invertebrates during your absence. For your technical items you may need a holiday replacement. For the light using a simple timer switch will suffice.

The modern Automatyczny karmnik can be attached to each aquarium pane or cover. If this is not possible you simply can put the Automatyczny karmnik with little suction cups above a feeder opening. It really fits everywhere!!

Alternatively JBL provides weekend and holiday food too ( JBL Holiday , JBL Weekend ). Here the food is contained in a mineral block. The fish smell the food and nibble at the block whereby the food comes off bit by bit. Leaving the feeding to your neighbour is often not a good idea. No offence to your neighbours but they will have no experience with the feeding of aquarium fish and with 99% probability they will overfeed them!

For holidays of up to 6 weeks a partial water change or the cleaning of an external filter is not necessary. With smaller filters it can become necessary to ask a neighbour or a friend for help. Alternatively you just buy a second filter to install but not yet use. Your neighbour now just has to take out the dirty filter and to rinse it under running water so that it doesn’t start to smell. Then just insert the plug of the second filter into the socket – that’s it!

Replacing CO2 cylinders: During several weeks of absence it can happen that your CO2 storage cylinder is empty. A refill entails a drive to the pet shop and often waiting time. JBL has therefore developed a system with which you can switch to the disposal cylinder system in no time provided that you use a refillable system. You unscrew the union nut from the pressure reducer of your refillable system ( Wielokrotnego użytku (m) ) by using a size 6 Allen key.

Then the pressure reducer fits on the CO2 disposable cylinder ( JBL PROFLORA u500 ).

With the pressure gauge at the pressure reducer your holiday replacement can immediately recognise whether the cylinder is empty. Then they only need to unscrew the pressure reducer to screw it onto a full spare cylinder. They don’t need to change the CO2 quantity setting and can adopt it as it stands.

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