Would you like to learn some interesting facts about your hobby or have a glimpse behind the scenes at JBL? Our team of experts regularly share tips, knowledge, and further information not to be found on any packaging or product. Use this opportunity to discuss and ask questions. Experience the expert team as never before.



Installation einer ProSilent Luftpumpe im Aquarium

Aquarienluftpumpen helfen Ihnen, den Sauerstoffgehalt im Aquarium zu erhöhen und die Gesundheit und das Wohlbefinden der Fische sicherzustellen. In dem folgenden Video zeigen wir Ihnen, wie einfach der Aufbau und Anschluss einer der ProSilent



Shinkokai Koi Show in Japan Part 3

The Shinkokai Koi Show is now over and Didier and I are continuing our trip through Japan.



Setting up and connecting the external filter - here's how it works:

How do you set up and connect an external filter? What does an external filter look like from the inside? We would like to answer these questions with a short video and show you how anyone can set up an internal filter within a few minutes.



Shinkokai Koi Show in Japan Part 2

As usual, at the beginning every of the 80 judges and the chief judge (no. 81) voted for the Grand Champion. Between 4 finalists they then voted the number 2 the champion.



Shinkokai Koi Show in Japan Part 1

This year we are back at the Shinkokai Koi Show in Japan once more. Didier and I have a booth there to exhibit ProPond and products for the water analysis and disease treatment.



A simple guide to the differences between the 01 and 02 greenline external filters

While welcoming the new generation of CristalProfi greenline external filters, the JBL Community also asked what the difference was to the previous one.



Carps Frozen – Dead in One Night

We don’t want to frighten anyone, but the following sad story happened last year and did NOT repeat itself this year.



Measuring the Soil Moisture: We Need Your Tips

There was an incident at the Venezuela expedition which I can't get out of my head: a frog expert was totally surprised how dry the soil was where his favourite animals (Dendrobates leucomelas) were hopping around. Here we need your help.



Measuring the CO2 Content With Drop Test (VIDEO)

This way of directly determining the CO2 content will help you to set the ideal bubble count on your CO2 system and to monitor the quantity you add.



Temperature and Humidity Control in the Terrarium

The temperature and humidity typical for the natural habitats of desert and rainforest dwellers, are parameters which need to be constantly monitored.