Battle Sludge in the Pond

ANY pond which is not roofed-over will build up sludge from leaves, aquatic plant leaves and other matter entering the air. Natural ponds and small lakes have the same problem and silt up more and more – a process, which can possibly take years to several centuries and cannot be prevented. In other words, this means that each non-draining pool, pond or lake has a limited lifetime.

To protect the pond from this effect, you need to take countermeasures. A mechanical removal of dead leaves from trees and plants is already a big help!

But please also help your pond under the water surface: The sinking leaves form a layer of various thickness on the bottom and slowly get broken down by bacteria, using up oxygen. JBL SediEx Pond has been designed to promote and accelerate the removal of sludge. It consists of two components: Firstly of highly active cleansing bacteria, which decompose organic matter, and secondly of active oxygen, which makes this decomposition possible in the first place. Both components together are added to the sludge layer inside your pond.

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Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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