The JBL Autumn Competition 2019 – OmO Special

Autumn is just around the corner. This means thorough preparations and changes for your pond, but also for your aquariums and terrariums. After all, you don't want the bright colours of the most beautiful time of the year to take over your pets’ living space. We will help you get ready in practical steps, and also provide you with a voucher to buy the tools you need. You can’t go wrong!

The prize

Join in until Sept 22 2019 23.59 and you can win two free places in the myJBL Community’s coveted “Online meets Offline” 2019 meeting (OmO) - 24 hours at JBL, inc. a guided tour, a tour of the industry experts and much more. You’ll get a look behind the scenes at JBL, a chance to ask the experts any questions, and you’ll also receive an additional 150 Euro voucher to set you up with products ready for your preparatory care. No matter whether it's a CO2 system or a water-stabilising care product - this package ensures the well-being of your pets.

Niestety konkurs z nagrodami jest już zakończony. Wkrótce odbędzie się nowy konkurs z nagrodami. Zapraszamy do obserwowania.


    Rainer Fillitz


ADM Team Florian Junghans: The sky’s the limit with this aquarium

With this aquarium I wanted to show that you are not limited in height and can work beyond the frame. "Lost forest" was the motto, because behind all the plants you can only guess what is happening.


Schildkröten Auffangstation – Ein Herzensprojekt in der Slowakei

Jeden Tag eine gute Tat – jeden Tag das Hobby etwas besser machen. Nach diesem Leitsatz arbeiten und handeln wir bei JBL. . Aus diesem Grund hat uns die Nachricht von Veronika Šamajová aus der Slowakei sehr bewegt.


Join In: The #myJBL Selfie Campaign On Instagram

Under the hashtag #meinJBL you’ll find stories, posts, photos and videos posted by JBL fans in the myJBL community. It’s all connected to the motto "You and your hobby with JBL".


Caution, Summer Heat! A Reason for Scaremongering?

You can’t prevent the temperature in your aquarium from rising. No matter what measures you take your living room will warm up on hot summer days and can even go over 30° C. So what can you do?