Pollen causes havoc in your pond

Due to the fine weather conditions, enormous amounts of pollen are on the go, which do not just cause the colour of cars to suddenly be changed, but are also deposited on the surface of water bodies. Natural lakes even fight against the gigantic amounts of nutrients, which now permit green algae to grow rampant.

If you have a pond, action is recommended now if you want to still get a hold on algae problems: Binding the nutrients with JBL's PhosEx Pond Filter helps to deprive algae of their food. The targeted use of the phosphate remover is the only way to starve algae! If you don't react now, you won't see much else in your pond besides algae this summer!

You will find the complete 1-2-3 algae-free JBL concept with our guarantee of function at: Plan 1-2-3-bez glonów

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