Competition for the Film Festival in Cannes: the JBL Film Festival has just opened

If guests in Cannes get bored, JBL now has an exciting alternative. As of immediately, 40 movies on the subjects of aquatics and garden ponds are available to every aquatics fan and pet shop owner on the JBL Homepage. Filmy wideo .

JBL has collected enquiries from customers and end consumers and produced film clips on the most frequent subjects. Subjects such as how to set up an aquarium, replace UV-C fluorescent bulbs, calibrate pH electrodes, carbonate hardness or product applications like setting up CO2 fertilisation systems were at the top of the wish list.

Film fans can select from normal resolution and HD resolution, depending on the quality of their Internet connection. Due to the large number of views for the previous films, JBL plans to further expand its selection of films.

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