Your aquarium pets can look forward to a revolution in fish food due to start 7 October 2013. JBL PlanktonPur in den Größen S und M wird ab diesem Zeitpunkt erhältlich sein. The fact that zoo plankton is the primary source of food for many aquarium fish is known to but a few freshwater and saltwater fish have grown accustomed to this food over many generations. In fact, every fish, with the exception of fish with special diets, snaps up plankton floating by in their natural habitat. JBL has found a way to preserve and package Arctic plankton fresh after being caught without the use of artificial preservatives so you can feed your tank inhabitants according to their natural habitat.

We won’t keep your fish waiting

We have decided to respond to repeated requests and shorten the waiting time until the market launch for your tank inhabitants by providing selected JBL products (JBL NovoBel 250 ml, JBL Gala 250 ml, JBL NovoTab 250 ml, JBL Maris 250 ml, JBL Biotopol 250 ml) with a free sample insert of JBL PlanktonPur .

Convince yourself of the quality now already, before the revolution in fish food begins, and let your aquarium inhabitants pass their own judgement! They will be appreciative.

More information about JBL PlanktonPur and the following topics can be found by clicking on the dedicated landing page at: http://microsites.jbl.de/PlanktonPur

  • An exclusive interview with our biologists on the new product
  • Additional pictures of the feeding, the product and its origin
  • Videos of the feeding
  • and so much more

And answers to many questions such as:

  • What is plankton?
  • What is in JBL PlanktonPur?
  • What fish eat JBL PlanktonPur?
  • What are the benefits of feeding with JBL PlanktonPur?
  • How is JBL PlanktonPur caught?
  • Is the catching method sustainable and harmless to nature?
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