JBL Mistrz testów Konkurs z nagrodami

Testing water like a professional? Using the ProScan test set will give you quick and easy access to the most important water values. And when you use the analysis strips in combination with your smartphone the whole process really becomes fun. Whether an aquarium or pond is in stable conditions, can often only be determined through the measuring of its water values. Become one of the 50 winners and always be on the safe side from now on.

Niestety konkurs z nagrodami jest już zakończony. Wkrótce odbędzie się nowy konkurs z nagrodami. Zapraszamy do obserwowania.


Stuart McIntyre, Jan Milian, Robert Turek, Thomas Zuberer, Michael Blankenheim, Kerstin Imme, Michael Ehmann, Jan Sommer, Andrea Ludwig, Karsten Höller, Micha Lbk, Jannik Claus, Jérôme ALLAEYS, Joanna Giedrys, Peter Ravai, Isabella Urmoneit, Arribas Guillermo, negadi samir, Gilles Renault, Steffen schuffenhauer, Liga Atmata, Frank Greim, samy weil, Germain Lecorgne, Michael Roth, Markus Gehrmann, Alfred Nitsch, Mario Schulz, Petra Kluge, Werner Hoge, Fabian Schürmann, Ralf Wörter, Christian Träger, Mazin Ameen, Corinna Klar , Adrian CRACIUN, Jürgen Föttinger, Nico Möller, Matthias Hahn, Nadine Kranz, Jörg Furchert , Dorith Freudenberg, Timo Kuchinke, Claudia Oppelmayer-Haumer, Alexander Mergel, susi becker, Bernhard Müller, Reiner Virkus, Christa Gergel, stefano Ladolfi

Here’s how it works

Just enter from April 01 to May 01, 2016 and with a bit of luck you will win one of 50 JBL ProScan test sets with some additional surprises. The winners will be drawn from all the participants.

Applicable are our current Conditions of participation.


Jungle of Sierra Leone – Biotope Aquarium

Irgendwo im Urwald von Sierra Leone an einem kleinen Wasserloch tummeln sich viele kleine Insekten auf der Wasseroberfläche – ein perfekter Platz für kleine Jäger, die Unterwasser auf ihre Beute lauern.


When the rain becomes an acid test

In the time period before Easter there can be rainfall of 40 to 60 litres per square metre. We would like to explain why this can become an acid test for your pond and possibly also a problem for your fish.


What made JBL think of creating PlanktonPur?

Hello Nils, thanks for taking the time for our Interview. I am a biologist and also head the JBL research expeditions. We have some questions for you about JBL PlanktonPur.


JBL Expedition 2016: In the Rainforest of Venezuela – Part 2

We are flying to the south of Venezuela, to Canaima, the last town before the table mountains. Here there are no streets anymore and the rivers are the only way to move fast.