JBL NovoBits
Podstawowy pokarm klasy Premium dla wymagających ryb akwariowych, jak np. dyskowce

  • Wybrane surowce gwarantują pełnowartościowy pokarm, optymalny wzrost i pełną okazałość barw wszystkich dyskowców.
  • Pożywny, lekkostrawny i wzmacniający układ odpornościowy:Właściwe dla danego gatunku przyjmowanie pokarmu dzięki pół-pływającemu granulatowi
  • Woda nie mętnieje: Mniejszy rozrost glonów dzięki dostosowanej zawartości fosforanów, lepsza jakość wody dzięki lepszej strawności pokarmu, co zmniejsza odchody ryb
  • Ryby wybierają pokarm JBL: 98,5% wszystkich gatunków ryb podczas wypraw badawczych na słodkich wodach natychmiast przyjmowało pokarm JBL. Nie przerabia się taniej mączki rybiej, Stosowanie mięsa rybiego z produkcji filetów dla ludzi
  • W zest: 1 puszka; JBL Pokarm podstawowy klasy Premium dla tropikalnych ryb słodkowodnych 250 ml. Po otwarciu przydatność 4 mies =100ml zasila 60l akwarium przez 20 dni. W opakowaniu najwyższej jakości z zamknięciem folią zabezp. Przydatność 4 lata
Informacje o produktach

Ochrona zwierząt bardzo ważna. Nie przerabia się taniej mączki rybiej, Stosowanie mięsa rybiego z produkcji filetów zgodnie z motto: Duży filet dla człowieka, mały filet dla ryb akwariowych.

Filmy wideo
Składniki analityczne
Witaminy (na 1000 g)
Witamina A 25000 I. E.
Witamina D₃ 2000 I. E.
Witamina E 330 mg
Witamina C(stabilna) 400 mg
How long does the food keep after opening?

Please ensure you buy a packaging size suitable for your aquarium/terrarium/pond so that the quantity contained is used up within 4 months. Compare it with a tin of biscuits lying around for several months. When properly stored they are not necessarily soggy, but they are not quite as tasty as when the packet was opened. Therefore it is not advisable to use the food after this time.

The repeated opening and closing of the packaging brings the food into contact with bacteria and humidity over a longer storage period. Thus the quality of the premium food reduces continuously and this influences the vitamin content and the freshness of the food. For the benefit of your animals you always should feed them fresh food.

Blog - Opinie & Doświadczenia

JBL TV #6: Why do we need so many food types in the aquarium?

There’s so much to know. What kind of food should we choose? Which food size is right? How much should we feed?


Misunderstandings – typical beginner mistakes

Based on our own experience in customer service and the many messages and questions we receive, we have put together the typical mistakes beginners may make. The experienced aquarist might well smile, but if they are honest, these are mistakes we all made at the start, aren’t they?


Lack of oxygen in the morning

The fish stay under the water surface in the morning, gasping for air.


JBL Aquarium Fish Food - Trusted Worldwide

Fish breeders, scientists and public aquariums in many countries of the world place their trust in JBL quality. Looking at its characteristics and properties we are going to explain why our food is top class.


Inside JBL: videos and exclusive insights into the new food production hall

Take this unique opportunity to accompany us on a tour through our new production area, where up to 35 tons of food is manufactured per day.


Inside JBL – How does the food get in the tin?

You’ve probably already asked yourself how food gets put in tins. During our company tours we not only show our visitors how food is manufactured, but also how the tins are filled and sealed.


Treating fish diseases before they arise

Even if your fish have fallen ill, it is not too late. Nonetheless we want to save the fish from getting ill. About 90 % of all fish diseases are the result of a weakening of the immune system.



JBL lets you look inside the tins

Who wants to buy a pig in a poke? A lot of aquarium owners like to look inside the food tins at their pet shop before they buy, but the sealing foil under the lid usually makes it impossible.



JBL introduces: new bulk packs for fish breeders

JBL is now offering the popular 10 litre bucket! The staple food JBL NovoBel, food tablets and turtle food are now available in airtight reclosable plastic buckets for those who need more than 1000 ml or 5500 ml.



Rohasche - was ist das ?

Nach den gesetzlichen Bestimmungen müssen nach Futtermittelrecht die prozentzualen Anteile von Rohprotein, Rohfett, Rohfaser und Rohasche angegeben. Was verbirgt sich eigentlich hinter dem Begriff Rohasche ?



JBL refill packs back in the program upon our customers' request

Many customers in Germany and other European countries had asked to have some of the refill packs back again after they had been taken out of our product range.



Relaunch of the new JBL Novo fish food range

JBL has fully revised the JBL Novo food range on the basis of the latest findings in fish physiology.

Warto przeczytać


Which is the right food? How much do you need to feed?

Codzienna pielęgnacja

How much daily or weekly care is involved? What are the basic maintenance measures for your aquarium?

Rodzaje pokarmu

What needs to be considered when feeding ornamental fish? How much and what food?

Gatunki ryb

Which fish species suit your aquarium? What demands do the fish species have?


Kto karmi Państwa ryby podczas urlopu? Jak można prawidłowo karmić ryby podczas nieobecności?

Typy akwariów biotopowych (środowiskowych)

A real piece of the Amazon or, with the Congo, a piece of the heart of Africa. A habitat (biotope) aquarium is a challenge. Can you emulate nature?

Typ akwarium z dżunglą JBL Rio Pantanal®

A bit of jungle river in your living room. Lively underwater action! No problem with the JBL Rio Pantanal® aquarium

Typ akwarium z rafą koralową JBL Malawi Rocks®

The fish of Lake Malawi are as colourful as the fish in the coral reefs. This aquarium brings a bit of freshwater reef into your living room

Typ akwarium dla karasi złocistych JBL Goldfish Paradise®

Lively goldfish in the aquarium enhance any room perfectly! Invite some new flatmates into your home with this goldfish aquarium

Typ akwarium aquascaping JBL DreamScape®

Mountains, valleys, meadows and fish! Create your dreamlike landscape under water with the Dreamscape® aquarium
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