JBL CO2-pH Permanent Zestaw testów 2
Stały test do określania kwasowości/zawartości CO2

  • Prosta i bezpieczna kontrola parametrów wody akwariów. Ciągły bezpośredni pomiar optymalnej wartości pH i zawartości dwutlenku węgla do akwariów słodkowodnych.
  • Stały test do kontroli nawożenia: Odczynniki dodać do urządzenia do stałego testu i zamocować przyssawkami w akwarium na szybie. Porównać kolor odczynnika z naklejką ze skalą barw i odczytać wartość
  • Pokazuje wartość pH (6,4 - 7,8) oraz zawartość CO2
  • Online-laboratorium: Regularna kontrola dla zdrowego akwarium z niemal naturalnymi warunkami. Do każdej analizy wody firma JBL oferuje testy wody w postaci szybkich testów lub testów ze zmianą kolorów. Testy wody akwariowej dla zdrowej, czystej wody
  • W zestawie: 1 Permanenttest, Zestaw testów CO2 Permanent w zest. Stały test, 2 odczynniki i adhezyjna karta barw. Opakowanie uzupełniające odczynników i wskaźników dostępne oddzielnie
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    JBL CO2-pH Permanent Zestaw testów 2

    Nr Art.:
    Numer EAN:
    9-12 Mon
    Pojemność Opakowanie:
    0.700 l
    Masa brutto:
    95.000 g
    Masa netto:
    51 g
    Przeliczenie wagi:
    Wymiary (dł/wys/sz):
    42/175/105 mm
    How do I properly open/close the CO2/pH permanent test diffuser?

    To open the CO2/pH permanent test diffuser (angled model with black stand) just pull at the transparent cover with a sharp tug. The lid fits very tightly to prevent the diffuser liquid from leaking into the aquarium. To easily close the CO2/pH permanent test 2 diffuser (round model with white back) we recommend lubricating the seals with JBL SiliconeSpray. It is advisable to attach the lid in a tilted position and to press firmly against the bottom for 3-5 seconds to make sure that the rubber seal slips inside. Otherwise you can repeatedly press in “pumping strokes”. This ensures that the seal does not slip off and the diffuser liquid does not escape into the aquarium.
    Both instructions apply to all batches manufactured until 10/2016. Subsequent models are provided with a modification which reduces the described effect if problems occur.

    Despite CO2 fertilisation the indicator remains blue

    No CO2 is generated when fertilising with so-called liquid carbon. Therefore the test is not able to indicate CO2, which means that the indicator always remains blue! If you add CO2 in gas form you need to increase the amount or the duration.

    JBL CO₂/pH-Permanent: Does ozone affect or distort the measuring of the CO2 permanent test?

    Depending of the dosage it is quite possible that the ozone attacks the indicator of the CO2 permanent test and “oxidizes”. A reasonable continuous measurement of CO2 is then not possible with this method.

    Is the fluid of the JBL CO₂/pH-Permanent Test harmful to the tank inhabitants if some of it gets into the water ?

    The fluid itself with the colour indicator is not harmful in any way with the high dilution in the tank and, in addition, it decomposes very quickly.

    Do my water tests still work although they have been open for nine months?

    Basically a sealed test keeps longer than an open one. How much the shelf life is reduced depends crucially on the handling and the storage conditions of the reagents. It may happen that a reagent in a test that has been open for 9 months doesn’t indicate correctly any more. However, additional information is needed to answer this question properly.

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    CO2-Gehalt mit Tropfentest messen (VIDEO)

    Diese Möglichkeit zur direkten Ermittlung des CO2 Gehalts hilft Ihnen, die ideale Blasenzahl an der CO2 Anlage einzustellen und die Zugabemenge zu kontrollieren.



    Outline: Fertilisation in the Aquarium

    The JBL plant care concept leads to vigorous and healthy growth even with the most demanding aquatic plants. JBL has all the components you need, whether it’s a fertiliser, a bottom substrate or a fully automatic CO2 fertiliser system.



    Pflegemittel - Die besten Lösungen für Ihr Aquarium

    Mit den richtigen Produkten ist die Aquarienpflege nicht nur einfach, sondern kann auch viel Spaß machen! Die auf intensiver Forschung basierenden Zusammensetzungen der JBL Produkte sind zwar gerade bei Pflegemitteln nicht immer auf den ersten Blick erkennbar, aber auf jeden Fall mittel- und langfristig am schönen Aquarium und gesunden Fischen abzulesen.



    From ProFlora CO2 system owner to tester, free of charge

    Do you have a JBL ProFlora CO2 plant fertiliser system (u series/m series) with disposable or refillable cylinder? Then you can win an exclusive test model.



    Why plants grow better with CO2

    The discussion, whether aquariums also work without CO2, is as old as modern aquatics itself. One thing is clear: aquatic plants need carbon for their growth.



    Water values for water plants in detail

    If we transfer this Liebig’s Law of the Minimum to the aquatic field it quickly becomes clear how important balanced fertilisation is for plant aquariums.



    The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation – The Reliability

    In the fourth part of the series “The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation” we examine what we consider to be the most important aspect. The health of your animals but also of you, the aquarium owners is our number one priority.



    The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation – The Reliability

    In the fourth part of the series “The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation” we examine what we consider to be the most important aspect. The health of your animals but also of you, the aquarium owners is our number one priority.



    The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation – The CO2 Content

    In the third part of our series “The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation,” we look at the CO2 content of the “liquid CO2” products which are added to the aquarium.



    The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation – The Effect

    In the second part of the series “The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation” we examine how glutaraldehyde containing products work on plants.



    The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation – The Substance

    In the first part of the series “The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation” we look at the active substance of the products considered liquid CO2.



    The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation

    A lot of aquarists are talking about liquid CO2, which is said to be able to replace a conventional pressurized gas system or a bio-CO2 system.



    Why is carbon dioxide (CO2) the most important plant nutrient in the aquarium?

    Carbon dioxide is the nutritional basis for aquatic plants which is supplemented through micro and macronutrients and light. The balance between all these elements is necessary for thriving plant growth in the aquarium.



    There’s more to fertilization than you’d think Part 2

    Simply put, Liebig’s Law of the Minimum states that the growth of plants is limited by the scarcest resource. Adding a nutrient which already exists in abundance does not influence the growth.



    Fertilization is not just fertilization Part 1

    Unlike in natural waters, aquariums with fish mostly have a surplus of nutrients caused by feeding and the resulting fish excrement. Thus nitrates and phosphates in large (often too large!) quantities are available for the plants.



    Oxygen Explosion in the Aquarium – The Right Fertilisation

    Every evening my aquarium resembles a “whirlpool“ with a thousand little oxygen bubbles. This is the time I relax and wind down after a long day.



    Terraristik-Tierärzte informieren sich über JBL Wassertests

    Auf der 46. Arbeitstagung der DGHT AG ARK (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Herpetologie, Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Amphibien und Reptilienkrankheiten) vom 11.-13.11.2016 in Gera trafen sich 160 Tierärzte, um sich über ...



    Why are you letting your plants starve?

    EVERY aquarium plant needs carbon dioxide (CO2) to survive and to grow! Fast growing species especially need a lot of CO2, and red fish species need CO2 fertilisation to survive. JBL has developed a new and elegant permanent ...

    Laboratoria i Kalkulatory

    Analiza wody Online-laboratorium

    Enter your water parameters and get an in-depth analysis of your values in a matter of seconds. You enter your water values – and we analyse! Here you have the opportunity to enter the measured water values directly into the JBL Online Laboratory. This will analyse your values and explain and submit corrective measures.
    Warto przeczytać

    Problemy z akwarium

    Are you faced with algae problems or don’t your aquarium plants grow well? Is the water cloudy or are your fish ill? Don’t your water parameters correspond to your expectations? Our team of experts has thoroughly analysed the problems that occur in the aquatic field and offers you solutions which really work.
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