Staw ogrodowy

You can read tips for your garden pond here. You don’t get an algae-free pond by magic!

You don’t get a functioning, healthy pond by magic! Here you will learn all about having a beautiful garden pond. Do not despair if problems occur! We will help you deal with diseased fish, unsuitable water parameters or algae problems. We even guarantee your success.

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Laboratorium stawu ogrodowego / Kalkulator do stawu

Jedyne w swoim rodzaju na świecie laboratorium stawu ogrodowego pomaga Państwu działać planowo w razie problemów z glonami i mętnieniem wody w Państwa stawie ogrodowym.

Online Szpital

Do you have ill fish and you don’t know what disease it is and how to treat it? Here you can diagnose diseases using photos or identification keys and you can find out where they come from and how to treat them. By showing you over 500 photos to identify and cure fish diseases, we enable you to find a diagnosis and solution.



Would you like to learn some interesting facts about your hobby or have a glimpse behind the scenes at JBL? Our JBL team of experts regularly shares tips, knowledge, and further information not to be found on any packaging or product. Use this opportunity to discuss and ask questions. Experience the expert team as never before.

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ProPond® / NEO Index®

Feed your animals throughout the year with the natural, balanced JBL ProPond fish food, to keep them healthy and active for the long-term. All ProPond products of the the physiological-nutritional concept contain high-quality ingredients in accordance with the NEO Index®.


Staw ogrodowy

Tu znajdą Państwo duży wybór broszur i poradników oraz filmy odnośnie stosowania ew. budowy produktów JBL i innych tematów odnośnie stawu ogrodowego.