Automatic feeding of your fish

Even weekend trips and holidays journeys are no problem for your fish! JBL has an automatic feeder for you which reliably carries out the feeding of your fish and invertebrates in your absence.

The modern Automatyczny karmnik JBL AutoFood in white or black can be attached to any aquarium pane or cover. If it doesn’t fit you can simply place the JBL AutoFood with small suction cups above a feed opening. It really fits everywhere!

The programming is easy to manage even if you haven’t time to read the instructions: you can select between 1 and 4 feeds a day and for every feed the desired food quantity can be set separately. An air connection (optional) enables the drying of the food (all granulates up to 3mm). The maximum filling capacity of 125 ml can be extended to 375 ml by directly screwing on a 250 ml food container.

A little extra - when you screw on the container a built-in cutting edge opens the sealing foil of the container! The required three AA batteries are of course included. Perfect technology really can look good!