Glony-rośliny wody morskiej

Glony-rośliny wody morskiej

Algae & plants in the marine water

Unlike in freshwater there are few higher developed plants in the ocean, apart from seaweeds (Posidonia, Zostera etc.). They develop real roots and form blossoms but can hardly, if at all, be kept in aquariums. Mangroves also live in marine water, but as above water plants with their roots in the marine water. They provide open marine aquariums with a very beautiful supplement because they withdraw many unwanted nutrients from the water.

Apart from this, the sea is home to numerous and sometimes very decorative algae species which range from only a few centimetres to 45 m long (kelp). Algae don’t have real roots, even if they sometimes look like they do. A lot of algae species are welcomed as eagerly and maintained as carefully as any freshwater plant. You only need to take care that they don’t grow excessively and overgrow your corals.

Growth and removal

Remove the excessive algae on a regular basis, but never too much in one go. In case of undesired algae growth we advise a limitation of nutrients (nitrate & phosphate).

You can find further information about water values in marine aquariums here: Parametry wody .

As an alternative or as an additional measure predators of the relevant algae species are a good way to combat algae naturally. Algae eaters, such as surgeon fish or blennies, but also crabs, are highly recommended.

Red coralline algae

The decorative red coralline algae are a special case because they specifically need magnesium to grow. Measure your magnesium content ( JBL Mg/Ca Magnez/ Wapń Test ) and increase it, if required, with JBL MagnesiuMarin or with a chalk reactor.