Państwa staw w projekcie ogrodu

Your primary concern is probably that the pond blends into your garden well. It’s a matter of aesthetics. When building a pond you DON’T need a building permit. Please note that you’ll need uncomplicated and practicable access to the pond. Existing bushes and small trees around you pond will grow and throw their leaves into the pond. Unfortunately as time goes by the foliage will form an unattractive layer of sludge. The advantage of bushes and trees is that they provide shade and prevent too strong sunlight heating up the pond water.

A small artificial watercourse is the best thing you can do for your pond! It generates oxygen, cleans the water and looks nice too. If you can build a watercourse, don’t forget to integrate it into the garden design. An existing small slope or mound of earth could save you some work.

Consider renting a small digger for the excavation work. It may turn out to be a blessing when laying power cables for pond filters, lighting or waterspouts etc.

Partial shade is ideal for your pond. Perhaps you could find a position where your pond will have a little sun and varying partial shade during the day.