New fish

If you have purchased new fish protect your new acquisitions from the start!

A couple of points are important if we need everything to go well. Moving is a huge issue for the fish. Alone the capture causes them a lot of stress.

Wriggling in the net often damages the fish’s mucous membrane which is their protection against infection. That’s why fish are more susceptible to diseases than other fish after being captured. JBL AccliPond has been developed to make the move and the acclimatisation to the new environment and new water values easier for the fish. It protects the mucous membrane and strengthens the fish’s resistance to disease.

JBL AccliPond needs to be INSIDE the transport bag before the fish so that its mucous membrane protecting agents can start working straight away. Before putting the animals into the pond it’s best to add a dose of JBL AccliPond to the pond water.

What else do you need to think about when caring for your fish?

Once your fish have arrived safe and sound in your pond you need to be careful to maintain their health. This includes having the appropriate water values (see Testy wody ) and the right diet (see Karmienie ). Please also make sure that not too many fish live in your pond. Too many fish wouldn’t have enough space, which will lead to stress and often illness (see Ryby stawowe ).

Don’t overfill your pond!