JBL Expedition in 2012 to Central America and Galapagos

From 4 to 20 February 2012, the 6th JBL Expedition led to Central America and to the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific. The team was made up of 16 participants, 12 of whom had been drawn by lot from 60 applicants.

The team:

  • Heiko Blessin (Biologist at JBL's and Expedition Leader)
  • Roland Böhme (General Manager JBL)
  • Didier Lergenmuller (Sales Manager JBL)
  • Dr. Ludwig Neurohr (Expedition Doctor)
  • Dr. Michael Gruß (Biologist)
  • Peter Hansson (Swedish Aquarium Expert)
  • Dr. Jens Schneider (Aquarium Enthusiast)
  • Matthias Kahmann (W-Lan/ WiFi Expert and Store Manager at Fressnapf)
  • Anna and Piotr Piesik (Polish Aquarium Enthusiasts)
  • Ulrich Paetsch (Fisheries Expert)
  • Norbert Nicolaus (General Manager at Zoo & Co Nicolaus) Sebastian Gemmecke (Zoo Store Manager at Hellweg)
  • Petra and Michael Trapp (Owners of ZooBuy) and Klaus Gerstner (Senior Manager at Zoo-Gerstner).

Unfortunately, the price tag of € 4,700 for the trip was rather high, with the four days of Galapagos already eating up half the total costs. JBL organised the expedition in collaboration with Flugpoint Mannheim, who specialise in Central America.


    Mexico was selected a destination because of the cenotes. Cenotes are natural pits or sinkholes in the calcareous ground of Mexico which has very many caves due to its porosity.


    Costa Rica, our first visit

    Among lovers of nature, Costa Rica is known as a safe travel destination with a high density of wildlife. In line with our interests, we selected regions with streams with clear water and rain forests that were known for an especially large population of reptiles and amphibians.



    Lake Nicaragua has many remarkable surprises to offer although it is not very well known. Accordingly, our trip through the northern part of Costa Rica took us directly to the southern tip of the gigantic lake.


    Costa Rica, second visit

    After returning to Lake Nicaragua, we visited what is sure to be the most remote national park in Costa Rica: Cano Negro Refugium.


    Galapagos Islands

    Galapagos is still THE dream destination of our planet, and not just for biologists. We were curious to see what this paradise looked like today.