Zwierzęta terrariowe


The terrarium needs a temperature gradient, enabling areas of just under 30 °C

Agama brodata

very trusting

red-kneed tarantula

Belongs to the Theraphosinae familiy – cast hair

veiled chameleon

beautifully coloured , meets calcium requirement through JBL MicroCalcium , distinctive catching technique for its food intake , sensitive to stress –individual keeping better

painted wood turtle

use cork tubes in the terrarium to serve as hiding places

leopard tortoise

Don’t forget: good climber. The terrarium needs to be equipped with a cover

Ensure sufficient calcium supply, e.g. JBL MicroCalcium

European tortoise

keep outside in summer (15 m2 per 2 animals, ideally 1 male with at least 2 females)

Ensure sufficient calcium supply, e.g. JBL MicroCalcium

slider turtle

Needs UV-B radiation , water hygiene through regular water change with JBL EasyTurtle

Legwan zielony

Can become very large and can use their tail as a whip

Gekon tygrysi

males can be very aggressive to each other


To cover the calcium requirement JBL MicroCalcium needs to be given.

boa constrictor

the terrarium needs to contain a water basin (25 °C) which will require daily cleaning


The terrarium also needs to contain a water basin (25 °C) which will require daily cleaning

Wąż zbożowy

corn snakes like climbing, so include climbing facilities in the terrarium

collared lizard

a water bowl is a must inside a terrarium

emperor scorpion

the substrate needs to be 25 cm high because the scorpions like to dig deep caves


the filter system required must not generate any water flow e.g. JBL CristalProfi m greenline

Drzewołaz malarski

the frog’s toxic secretion, which is ingested by the food (ants), is lost in captivity

South American horned frog

a flat water bowl is indispensable for the horned frog

African clawed frog

Highly voracious and tends to obesity

Carolina anole

males highly territorial , they follow a fasting period even without a reduction in temperature


being desert dwellers, need very bright light and dry air

berber skink

skinks need bright lighting for 12-14 hours

walking stick (Phasmatodea)

walking sticks swing in the wind

black millipede

they have 41-56 body segments