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Application period 01.12.2021 - 30.06.2022

South Seas - Tuamotu Archipelago

Accompany the JBL research team on a catamaran under sail to the untouched areas of the dreamlike South Seas of French Polynesia. It has to rank amongst the world’s most remote, yet paradise-like island landscapes for marine water research!

Reisezeitraum: 25.05.2023 - 09.06.2023

Miniature, absolutely unspoilt islands in the dreamlike South Seas. Who could resist? Sharks galore, intact coral reefs, marine research and a small group of like-minded people on a catamaran are the ingredients for this unique expedition to the lonely atolls of the South Pacific.

The crew of the Aquatiki III, a perfectly equipped 16 m catamaran, has gathered the most beautiful dive sites of the entire region over 10 years and packed them into this expedition. Away from the normal dive cruises and tourists, we’ll travel together to where the reefs are still really healthy and the biodiversity is high. The countless sharks are proof of the intact nature. If hundreds of sharks find enough food, the reefs must offer food in abundance! The region of the Tuamotu Archipelago is a protected area where commercial fishing has not been allowed for years. This explains the high fish density and the number of sharks. There is a good chance of seeing tiger and hammerhead sharks. Grey reef sharks are among the daily companions on the dives!

We’ll visit the most beautiful and interesting places of the Tuamotu atolls and observe the marine fauna while diving or snorkelling. Those who don't want to dive on this expedition but only can or want to snorkel are also welcome. Unfortunately, they will not be able to experience the underwater passages with currents, in which the really big shark groups swim. But every participant can go by dinghy to a small palm island and play Robinson Crusoe - almost any time! With two dives a day, there is enough time for water analyses, light measurements above and under water, UV and lux measurements and of course individual research on the topics that interest the participants. Marine biologist Heiko Blessin will be there as JBL's scientific advisor to answer any questions about marine biology. Two dive guides will be available for the 10 participants, so that a dive group never comprises more than five participants (+ guide). Some dive sites can be approached directly from the catamaran, others, especially the shark-rich current passages, are approached by dinghy. Dive tanks (also Nitrox) and weights are provided for all participants on board. The rest of the equipment needs to be brought by each participant. Due to the pleasant water temperatures around 28 °C, only a space-saving thin suit will be necessary.

Fresh food is cooked daily. Vegetarians or vegans are also welcome. The problem is more about still fitting into the diving suit at the end of the expedition ☺.

What do you do on board when you are not diving? Kayaks, stand-up boards and the dinghy are available for our participants. Snorkelling is thus possible (almost) at any time near the islands, if the currents allow it. Drones are allowed - there is no one around!

The on-board language is French/English. Because we have a German-French JBL research team, however, German is also spoken. For scuba divers, an open water diving certificate (better an AOWD) and a certificate of diving fitness are required. Snorkellers do not need to show a certificate. A full Corona vaccination is also required by the team and on entry to Polynesia. The minimum age is 18 years - or younger if accompanied by a parent or guardian. The dives take place at depths of around 20-30m, maximum 30-35m. It doesn't get more exciting below that - but the air consumption increases and the dive becomes shorter. Visibility is usually around 70-80 m, as the nearest mainland is around 8000 km away. Ideal for filming and taking photos underwater. Night dives are unfortunately prohibited in French Polynesia.

Informações de preço

Preço de grupo para as 15 noites a bordo: 6190 € - 10 % (desconto JBL) = 5571 € por pessoa.

O alojamento é em cinco cabines duplas. Estão incluídos no preço dois mergulhos por dia com garrafas (conector DIN) de 12 ou 15 l

É possível obter Nitrox para todo o passeio pelo valor extra de 350 €

Os voos podem ser reservados diretamente connosco ou de forma independente. Exemplo da rota aérea:

  • Frankfurt – Los Angeles – Taiti – Los Angeles - Frankfurt: 2000 € por pessoa (*)
  • Taiti - Fakarava/Rairoa – Taiti: 500 € por pessoa

O voo pode ser interrompido em Los Angeles e/ou Taiti, conforme desejado

What is not included in the travel price?

Gorjetas, bebidas a bordo (incluindo água, café e chá), seguro de cancelamento de viagem, taxas do visto

Além disso, cada participante tem a possibilidade de reservar um programa de extensão através da “Schöner Tauchen”, para, por exemplo, visitar outras ilhas, como Bora Bora, Rangiroa, entre outras, ou também para permanecer em Taiti ou na ilha vizinha, Moorea

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