JBL has the perfect socket for every job

Everyone who wishes to mount their own terrarium lamps and spotlights in the terrarium easily and reliably can now select from 4 different variations at JBL's.

What is special about the new JBL TempSets: They are produced from extremely heat-resistant Space Shuttle material (no joke!) in order to ensure guaranteed safety, thereby truly preventing a fire hazard.

The 4 new installation kits for lamps in vivariums fulfil every wish, all the way from a jointed socket to extremely narrow Winsta connectors for very small holes in the cover. All 4 variations come with a 1.5 m cable, plug, switch, retaining plates and screws (pre-installed).

JBL TempSet basic Ready-to-install basic set.

JBL Tempset angle Basic set with a swivel mount permits the lamp to swivel.

X JBL TempSet connect Basic set with a Winsta plug for a 2.2 cm hole diameter.

JBL TempSet angle+connect JBL angle set with a narrow Winsta plug.

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