White balls for the settlement of bacteria

There is a wonderful surprise with the CristalProfi e greenline external filters: All JBL Filtro exterior are now equipped with sintered glass balls ( JBL Micromec ) in the lowest filter basket!

The highly porous sinter glass filter material is vastly superior to normal ceramics and ensures a significantly better degradation capability and an optimal water quality. The filter foam lying above it has round central punch holes which can be replaced when required with problem solving filter materials like activated carbon or phosphate remover. The central punch hole has the advantage that the filter basket is not completely filled, for example, with activated carbon which may lead to clogging. So the water flows slowly through the middle part of the filter basket only and the total filter capacity is maintained.

The filling of the filter baskets is clearly shown on the packaging and the four new grey closing clips show at a glance that the first filter basket contains the new filter generation with JBL MicroMec.

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